Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Police wake 94-year-old, tell her she slept through break-in and police shooting

“I just thank God everything turned out as well as it did,” says 94-year-old Lizzie Winfrey.
She woke up Monday morning to a massive police scene around her home.
It all developed after a witness noticed teens breaking in her window and called Flint Police. When officers responded Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock says one teen started to run while shooting at police. Officers shot him in the leg and arrested two other teen suspects.
Winfrey didn’t even know this had happened until police woke her up.
“I slept through all of it!” said Winfrey.
That wasn’t the end of the excitement. Ms. Winfrey remained in her home, thinking she was safe. Then suddenly she and her children who arrived after hearing the news heard an officer yelling at someone in the basement.
“He said, ‘Hold it right there!’ My heart started beating so fast,” says Winfrey’s daughter Exie Alexander.
Police then arrested a fourth teen believed to have been burglarizing Winfrey.
This family hopes this incident sends a message to Flint Mayor Dayne Walling who has said dozens more public safety lay-offs may be needed to balance the budget. They say it proves there is a need for the officers the city has.
A spokesperson from the mayor’s office says negotiations continue with city unions and could help prevent some cuts.
Meantime, rescue crews took the suspect shot to Hurley Medical Center. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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