Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Medical Pendants Not Just For Medical Emergencies

Your medical alert pendant is not just for medical emergencies. Case in point, a customer in Tennessee pressed her pendant when she was stuck in her backyard while sitting in her power chair. Without her cell phone or anyone around to help, she was trapped! When we didn’t get a response over her two-way medical alarm base unit or home phone, we dispatched EMS to her home.

She contacted us later to apologize since her incident was not what she considered an emergency. Her son had even told her that it was not a good idea to use her pendant unless it was a true medical emergency. We assured her that Guardian Medical Monitoring is here to help 24-7 and that she should test her button on a regular basis. Regardless of whether or not it was an emergency, she was so glad that she had her pendant around her neck. The takeaway from her story is to always wear your medical alert pendant and don’t be afraid to use it!