Friday, March 4, 2011

Jennifer James: January 2010 Employee of the Month

Jennifer has learned very quickly what it takes to make our department be successful. She is dependable, upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. She is our go to person when we have questions dealing with Sales Force, agency contracts etc. and is our bridge between SIA and the sales reps in the field. She helps us understand how what we do daily in SIA affects the sales world so it all comes together as one and we totally understand the entire picture. She is always willing to learn new things and help with the innovation and streamlining of new ideas to help our department run more efficiently. She's the glue that holds the Medical Monitoring Sales department together, the spirit and spunk that keeps the administrative side of our lives bearable, the "yes" when all else is "no." She makes sure our work is completed and tightly buttoned into place, which ensures everyone has what they need. She is the ultimate administrator/secretary to us all.

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