Monday, December 16, 2013

Guardian Employee of the Month: October 2013

Melissa House was selected as the Guardian Maximum Achievement Winner from over 1,100 employees at Guardian's three companies (Guardian Alarm, Guardian Guard, and Guardian Medical Monitoring). Melissa has worked in our Medical Monitoring division since 2001 and has always done a fantastic job! It's a well deserved honor! Thank you, Melissa.

For more information about Guardian Medical Monitoring, visit our website htttp:// or call 1-888-349-2400.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tell Your Michigan State Reps to Vote NO on Senate Bill 636

The Michigan House may vote as soon as TUESDAY on legislation to phase out landline telephone service within three years. 

Please call 1-888-232-6829 to urge your State Representative to vote NO on Senate Bill 636!
  • Do you or someone in your family use a landline for medical monitoring of a pacemaker, implantable cardiac defibrillator, medical alert or other life saving device?
  • Do you have a home security system that relies on a landline service?
  • Do you know what you or your loved ones would do to communicate without a landline when the power goes out?

Don't eliminate landline phone service!

Call 1-888-232-6829 today.

Urge Your State Representative to Vote NO on Senate Bill 636!
Telephone service is a basic necessity, particularly for older adults, who are more likely than any other age group to rely on their landlines not only for social contact, but to preserve health and safety. In a recent unscientific opinion poll of 1300 AARP members and others, 85% of respondents told us they currently have a landline service, and 97% are opposed to SB 636.

Now is the time to fight to ensure that AARP members and all Michigan families have reliable, affordable telephone service they can count on, especially during extreme weather or other emergencies.

Senate Bill 636 puts reliable phone service at risk for all Michigan consumers. AARP embraces the use of new technology. But when it comes to replacing reliable, affordable landline service, any new technology must be as good or better than the current service, and wireless service in particular does not currently meet that standard. Despite changes made by the Senate to improve the bill somewhat last week, SB 636 would still leave consumers - and particularly seniors - at risk.

Please call 1-888-232-6829 and urge your State Representative to vote no on Senate Bill 636!