Monday, November 1, 2010

Liese Pletcher, September Employee of the Month

The Medical Monitoring Division is proud to nominate Liese Pletcher as the September Maximum Achiever. Liese has been a loyal Guardian team member for more than five years. She has a reputation for her hard work and tenacity as she strives to offer excellent customer service, while consistently providing quality products from the Medical Monitoring Warehouse.

Liese has been instrumental in the research, development and launching of many of the successful technologies that Medical Monitoring offers. She regularly takes on the task of evaluating all new products. She continues to build strong relationships with several of our core vendors/manufacturers, including Linear and, most recently, Tabsafe. These relationships have been crucial to our ability to understand product features, troubleshooting and training.

Liese’s leadership and strong commitment to Guardian are perfect examples of the great qualities that make the Medical Monitoring division shine day after day. Liese continues to spearhead training opportunities that benefit not only Medical Monitoring SIA, but Central Station, in-house techs and Guardian as a whole. Her most recent accomplishment has included successfully training several sales reps, technicians, home care companies, etc. on the new medication dispenser. Not only has she spent countless hours teaching and troubleshooting the system, but it has all been done remotely! This is in addition to the awesome responsibility of overseeing the shipping and receiving of thousands of medical monitoring materials and dealing with the needs of nearly 70 technicians each month.

Medical Monitoring gladly recognizes Liese Pletcher as a true Maximum Achiever.

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