Thursday, October 7, 2010

Melissa House, August Employee of the Month

Medical Monitoring would like to nominate Melissa House as our monthly Maximum Achiever. Melissa has been with Guardian for nearly ten years and from the beginning, she has been a STAR. Not only is she a past winner, she has had numerous nominations over the years for her consistently positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Melissa has the great ability to recognize opportunities to make the Medical Monitoring Division more organized and efficient. She knows the Department inside and out and communicates well with all of our teams, from the Sales Reps and SIA to the Warehouse and Field Technicians. Melissa is our go to person to help management recognize needed operational and departmental changes in an ever changing environment. Not only do we rely on Melissa to give that added assistance when another team member is away, but she regularly takes on a leadership role when her supervisor or manager is away. In fact, Melissa is the one to count on when extra help is needed during heavy work times.

This month is another perfect example of her important role in Med Mon. As Guardian and Holy Cross began to transition our long standing relationship to one that involves more SIA involvement, Melissa stepped up to define the details of everyone's role and how customers and team members will be affected. Melissa believes, and has proven, that she can be instrumental in making any Holy Cross changes appear seamless to the outside observer.

Melissa is professional with our customers and case managers and she is very knowledgeable of our day to day operations. She continues to be a leader, and is a joy to work with as our Department continues to grow. We are very proud and honored to have Melissa on our team and are happy to nominate her once again for the August 2010 Maximum Achiever!

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